Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Quick Notes

Three things worth sharing this afternoon...


We had another baby doctor check-up today (Baby is 23 weeks old, yay!), and all looks good with our little one (thank God!). In addition, our awesome ultrasound technician, as promised, took another looksie at our little one in order to try to confirm that we are, in fact, having a girl.

The verdict?

Yes, Rosebud is definitely a girl.

Her rump was facing up today (such a cute little dupa!) and there was no question that she is a girl.

We are completely stoked.


I posted a Facebook Status Update yesterday after having a wonderful exchange with a student at the Reference Desk in which I assisted her with her research strategy for a 20-page paper. In the comments that followed, I found myself stating the following, about the nature of good research:

"Research becomes ten times more exciting when it is personal. All good research is, in my opinion."

That seemed worth recording for future use and consideration. So there ya go.


And finally, I have fallen in love with a shrub: the forsythia. They are all over the Scranton area--they thrive in our climate--and their yellow flowers, which only last a few short weeks, are just so golden and beautiful. I took a picture of a forsythia hedge on the U's campus. Here it is:

Golden Beauty (click to enlarge and see the flowers up close)

These made me smile big when I saw them. Next year we are definitely going to get a forsythia bush for our yard. 


Time for me to head to work. May your week be as blessed as mine has been so far!


  1. :) happy for these happy things! :)

  2. I wanted to be surprised. I am excited for you and Paul. Glad to hear all is well.

    Anna B

    1. Thank you Anna! We hope all is well with you too!!!