About my work:

* Professor and tenured member of the Library faculty at The University of Scranton * Information Literacy Coordinator and Research & Instruction Librarian * teacher of information literacy and provider of research & scholarly services * liaison to the Humanities subject areas, including Theology / Religious Studies, English & Theatre, History, World Languages and Cultures, Philosophy, Art and Music History, and Judaic Studies * member of the collection development team * current research areas include information literacy and Ignatian pedagogy; critical information literacy and critical librarianship; collaboration with faculty across disciplines; information literacy and writing programs; metaliteracy; effects of technology on theological information; and worship, liturgy, and liturgical theology * MA in Theology from The University of Scranton * MLIS from Long Island University * BFA from New York University * my curriculum vitae *

About my family:
* married to a professor of religion and seminary administrator (Paul) with a daughter (Bookie) and a son (Little Jem) * members of an Orthodox Christian parish (OCA) in the Scranton, PA area, where Paul serves as a subdeacon and Donna as a choir member/substitute choir director * I don't post my children's real names and rarely post pictures of their faces on the blog -- if you know us offline, I request that you call them "Bookie" and "Little Jem" when referring to them in comments (thank you!) *

About this blog:
This blog began in my early years as an academic librarian, but topics covered were mostly related to my non-professional life. Around the time I got married and became pregnant with our first, I began to realize just how integrated the professional and personal aspects of my life are, and that this integration was the key to not only keeping my sanity but to succeeding at both. That was when I decided to make this blog intentionally about how these parts of my life relate to one another and to the whole. Post topics range from libraries, teaching, technology, academia, home life, working motherhood, gentle parenting, school, and most importantly: how all these things relate to one another.

A constellation is not just the stars that serve as points in the overall picture, but also the spaces between the points that give them context and meaning. This blog is an experiement in enacting this idea using the informational points in my life as signposts that, when considered together, depict an integrated whole.