Outside the Lines zine

A zine about the liminal spots on the page where learning / understanding / living / loving / making / doing / being must sprawl outside the lines in order to actually happen.

Outside the Lines (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Volume 1, Issue 1: Rubrics - b&w [pdf] | color [pdf]


This is my zine! I made it using this single-page, no staple template, but with standard letter size paper instead of size A3 as that link suggests. This means you could theoretically print either of the pdf files linked above and assemble my zine.

However, I am also trading OR selling (b&w) zine prints at cost, which include an "Easter egg" feature not baked into the above pdf files. And also because, as a zine librarian pal of mine recently told me, "if you didn't make a print run *at all*, it kinda isn't a zine." I agree! And I want this to be a zine!

The cost is $1.00 per zine print via PayPal which includes shipping. This is "at cost" because $0.33 goes to PayPal fees, $0.49 goes to the stamp, and the rest ($0.18) goes to printing and the envelope (and I guess the time I spent to make it?).

If you'd like to trade or order a zine print, email me at outsidethelineszine (at) gmail (dot) com. Do not send money via PayPal to this email address until we've corresponded first. 

If you'd really like to order a zine print, but either don't have a PayPal account or cannot afford to pay, please email me as well and we can try to figure something out.

I'm also game for trading my zine for yours! So if you can't or don't want to pay for a zine print of Outside the Lines, take a look at that zine template I linked to above and consider making your own zine to trade!