Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Many Pinpoints, One Picture

A little "meta" for your afternoon, concerning the name of this here blog (which I promised to share about at some point, and it being Spring Break here at my school, the relative quiet makes now a good time to do so)...

As I mentioned previously, I know that one of the reasons I do my job well as a librarian is because I make my work personal. I've wanted to blog about my work for some time now, but wasn't sure where or how to draw the line between that which is personal in my work, and that which is professional. The conclusion I came to is: I can't, and in fact an attempt to do so would likely be an inauthentic representation of the value I believe I bring to my library work.

As for the blog title, I was looking for just the right phrase that somehow expresses this idea that there are different moments in my life--different stories--some from my home life and some from my work life, that ultimately come together to form the whole person I am. It's that same whole person who is a librarian who brings value to her work, not just the "professional" part of her. And the image I came up with is that of a constellation of stars.

Then, being a librarian, I am in the information profession, and my library research centers around the role of information in our lives, how we interact with it, and its effects on us. Hence the word "information."

And thus, the name of this new blog.

Now, on a less meta, and even more personal note, I've always been enamoured with the stars. In fact, I have a handful of vignettes I wrote during my last stretch of blogging that I never published because other things became a priority in my life for a time. These vignettes chronicle my relationship with the stars, beginning in my childhood through who I am today. I'm going to publish them here over the next few weeks, beginning with the following teaser.

(And besides, I need an excuse to embed some gorgeous images of the night sky I have collected over the years from various corners of the interwebs, so I hope you enjoy these posts if only for the eye candy...)


Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the stars. This is a chronicle of our love affair.

Image courtesy of ESA, NASA and E. Olszewski (U. Arizona)

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  1. I was surprised to see some stars in the sky in downtown Ottawa when I was walking to a friend's house the other day... they are a special part of God's creation!