Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Hard Week

This week is probably the hardest I've had in a while. Last night I took a pretty challenging Old Testament midterm, and I'm honestly not sure how I fared. I am scheduled to teach a total of four information literacy classes between now and Friday. They all require prep, either because it's my first time teaching the lesson, or because I am revamping what I usually do with the class. And then I need to work on a PowerPoint presentation for a workshop that Teresa and I are presenting at on March 30th on our Facebook research, and the only chance I'll have to get any substantial work done on it is during my Friday evening shift later this week--when I am likely to be brain-fried to the utmost degree as a result of the above schedule of work-related activities.

But amidst all of this craziness--oh, and being pregnant ups the exhaustion level of the week just a tad--I get to come home each day to these:

Happy green shoots :)

These are tulips my husband planted last October, which seem to have taken nicely. Seeing these grow taller and taller each day has improved my mood dramatically this week. I can't wait to see them bloom.

Thank God for green.


  1. as a fellow librarian, I understand how hard this would be. HUGS. God loves you and is with you!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! The support means a lot. Just have to make it to Saturday and I'll be able to refresh for next week, which is almost as packed (but not quite) as this one...