Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rosebud's Arrival (in pictures, mostly)

When last we left off, I was nesting big time right as I became full term. Then 40 weeks arrived...

Monday, July 23, 2012...1st Due Date

Wednesday, July 25, 2012...2nd Due Date
and Feast of St. Anna
(this pic of silliness was me trying not to
be stressed about going past due...)

Still July 25th...Queen Anne's Lace :)
(significance will be revealed shortly)

Thursday, July 26th was my last day at work. Then, the weekend arrived...

Saturday, July 28, 2012...began a challenging (for me)
crocheting project, waiting to go into labor...which finally
happened later that night, and went through the next day
(Sunday the 29th)...

And after all that waiting, and a labor and delivery I'm still processing (though rest assured it was very good and happy and healthy overall...just very, very intense in a way I could not have anticipated...)--which is why this is a picture post as opposed to a reflection post--this happened...

NOTE: The above infomation is intentionally embedded in an image, as opposed to typed out in the blog post itself (and thus is, in theory, not searchable on the public web). A request to my readers who leave comments: On this blog, please refer to my little one by her blog-tastic nickname (lol), Rosebud <3 I wanted to include this information though (in the screen shot above), for those of you who are the praying kind and would like to keep our little one in your prayers by name. Also, now you can see the significance of her patronal feast day (last Wednesday) as well as the wild flower I pictured above :)

Wasn't sure if I'd include a shot of her face
on the blog, but...I couldn't resist. Just one :) (for now lol)
What a beauty, if I may say so myself...
And then, last night, there was this...

Love <3
For now, this is all I have the energy to share. More to come as I am able. But thank you to my humble readership, for all of your thoughts and prayers these past weeks. 

Welcome, Rosebud. We've been waiting for you. :)


  1. No longer a bud.

    She's a beautiful blossom !


  2. Aw, congratulations! The real name is lovely, and so is she. :)

  3. She is adorable. I'm happy to hear both mama and baby are well!

  4. God bless you Rosebud, you are a beautiful child of God.

  5. God bless Rosebud! (And her Mom and Dad)!
    Nouna and Xenios