Thursday, July 5, 2012

Full Term Nesting (in photos)

When asked when my baby is due, I have been sharing the first due date our doctor gave us: July 23rd, nine months to the day after our wedding day (but who's counting?). However, at a later appointment our doctor changed it to July 25th, which is what is in my doctor's file/chart as my due date. Is there much of a difference? No, not at all--Rosebud will kick me into labor when she is good and ready. My "due date," then, for all practical purposes, is sometime that week of July 23rd/25th.

I share all this because, going by the later date, yesterday (July 4th) my baby reached full term. My 37th week began, which means Rosebud is developed enough where, if I go into labor from here on out, since I have had an uncomplicated pregnancy (thank God) my doctor will not do anything to stop it. So, even though I have another two and a half weeks or so until she is due, I'm doing my very best to get things ready for her before then. Which means: Nesting!

This past weekend my mom came into town to help me get the house more ready for the baby than it had been. Mostly this meant helping me clean, since bending down to reach the floor is beyond my capabilities now. But it also meant helping me get Rosebud's room in order. We got so much done, and I am so pleased with how the nursery looks now. 

Then, last night another nesting attack hit me. You see, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two adorable, very young babies--one was only 9 hours old (Yay, Isidore!)--and I think seeing little babies on this side of the womb made me want to go "get ready" for little Rosebud some more. Last night, the task at hand was packing for the hospital, but I also had some odds and ends in her room to finish up. The result? I was up until later than 3 am (I won't say how much later...) nesting away. It's a good thing I work an evening shift...and yes, I am still working full time. So far, there's been no reason for me not to. Working in an air conditioned, quiet library is a much better choice for me right now than remaining home, anxiously awaiting labor to begin. 

But now, the main point of today's post: sharing the fruits of my labor (well, my labor-before-the-true-labor, ha) in photos (with commentary, of to pictures of the nursery from a month ago): 

Crib with freshly laundered bedding :)
Safety bumper still needs to be installed though

Diaper changing station (with storage boxes filled with
clean onesies and other essentials) and bookshelf
(sans books--they're coming though!
Still need to transfer my children's book collection
from the master bedroom where it currently lives)

Glider, nursing pillow, handy coffee table: aka, "Mama's Corner" :)

Fold out couch, A/C unit (VERY exciting, that),
and yes, those are partially packed bags for the hospital,
for me and baby :)

Dresser, atop which are various wall hangings that need to be hung,
which is filled with freshly laundered little girl's clothes (so adorable!)

And this is Rosebud's cradle, located in our room,
which is where she will be sleeping when she first comes
home from the hospital

And one more for good measure: here's me at 37 weeks,
next to an icon of my patron saint, the Theotokos,
which I wrote/painted (under the guidance of a
master iconographer) a few years ago :)
By her prayers I hope to have a safe, healthy delivery!

While there is always more to do, I can happily say that we are as ready as we can be for Rosebud's arrival, whenever she chooses to make her appearance! C'mon sweet girl, we're waiting for you!

Edit: It occurred to me that I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all of the dear ones in our life--family and friends--who have gifted us with so many things for Rosebud. Without your generosity, we would not be nearly as "ready" as we are at present to bring her home to an environment that is warm, secure and beautiful. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you, from me and Paul.


  1. God grant you strength for the event ahead and a healthy little girl. I'll be keeping you both in my prayers!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I am very grateful for the prayers :)

  2. Donna!

    Gasp!!! what a beautiful room!!! I love all the icons :) and you look beautiful! so excited for your and your beloved!!! So happy for you and prayerfully waiting with you!

    1. Aw, thank you Elizabeth! I am grateful for your prayers, and know you have mine as you approach your own life-changing, transformational moment later this year in the form of your wedding!

  3. :) Your little one's room is so beautiful, and once she comes around it will be perfect! You guys have done such a great job putting it all together. I'm so happy for you and Paul and so excited for your little girl to be a part of such a wonderful family as yours ;) Love and prayers coming your way, always! Can't wait to meet her! <3 Future-Zia Kimberly ;)

    1. Godmama-Zia Kimmy! Thank you for your prayers and love! I can't wait for you to meet her on this side of my tummy either. Sending much love, from me and your goddaughter!! <3

  4. You and the little room both look lovely.

    Will be praying for a safe, happy delivery for you and Rosebud. :)

    1. Aw, thank you Jenna, I'm very grateful for the prayers! :)