Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why a blog?

I'm a pretty avid reader of blogs (thank you, Google Reader). They include blogs written by Orthodox Christians, blogs written by librarians, blogs written by friends, blogs written by readers-writers-artists-etc., blogs written by interesting people I have encountered and wish to know more about, and the list goes on. Historically I have been a lurker on most blogs I read, although I do sometimes remove my invisibility cloak and make myself known by way of a comment here, a comment there.

Of late, though, I have felt an interesting urge to join the conversation a bit more formally. I find myself encountering things, as I work to know and be known in my daily life, that I wish to share. With whom? Well that, I suppose, is yet to be determined.

I'll be honest and say that I'm not sure what exactly is going to fill this space. But that's what's neat about a blog -- it grows and becomes whatever it turns out to be, and that's just fine as far as I'm concerned. Some themes and topics you can expect to see here, though, include things related to my faith as an Orthodox Christian (who is also a choir singer: "kliros," for those who've never encountered the word, refers to the space where the choir stands in an Orthodox Church), things related to my job as an academic librarian who's a bit of a techie and research junkie, and more.

I also really love to tell and hear (or read) stories. So, in a way, this will be a space where I can tell the stories I encounter in the things I do throughout my days. I believe work -- the work of singing in the choir at church, the work of teaching students how to find the information they need, the work of loving my neighbor -- tells a story, or can if I let it. I love the work God has given me to do, and I want to share the stories I get to be a part of as I do it.

So, welcome.


  1. Hi Donna! I'm wondering if the impetus to create this blog came from our Library Retreat?

  2. Hi Bonnie :) No, the idea to start a blog was not a *direct* result of the retreat, but now that you mention it, it's possible the urge to start this blog was bolstered by the retreat, if only subconsciously. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ah neat, glad to hear you're blogging. I'm trying to get one started myself (have been for about a year now...over at Um, can you offer me some suggestions on how to get started? (I've been working on my theme, haven't gotten around to content yet...I'm guessing that's the hard part.)

  4. Hey Andy,

    Re: getting started with blogging... I'd say, rather than think of a "theme" from the get-go, think about what it is in your daily life that is interesting to you, and which you'd want to share with others. Based on your Twitter and FB Status updates, one possibility for you could be what it's like to be a programmer, and your quirky vision of the world of programming. If you start a blog, it's important to blog about something that will continue to generate new ideas for posts, which is why grounding it in your daily life/occupation could be a good way to do this.

    Not that I'm an expert or anything. :) Good luck, and let me know when you get started so I can subscribe.

  5. Hi Donna,
    You should of told me you are blogging now; just found out by reclicking on your profile page! yay! another Orthodox librarian blogger! Looking forward to reading your thoughts here!!
    In Christ,

  6. Elizabeth: I am happy you did! I started this maybe a month and a half ago, but was (and still am) too self-aware to go out of my way to tell people about it. I also want to build up an archive of posts, so the site is worth people's initial visits. For now, I am counting on people finding this exactly how you did--by clicking on my name when I comment elsewhere, and discovering it that way. :) I am so happy you'll be a reader now! It is good for us to support each other in these sorts of endeavors...

  7. Yes... indeed it is... I was actually looking for your email as I had clicked on your before and you did not have a blog then so it was a happy suprise! I would love to know what grad degree you are working on or (if that is too much for a blog totally understandable, which is why I was looking for an email as I was curious) and I am intrested in knowing what you read as a librarian... :)

    Best wishes and look forward to more posts here :)

    btw my email in the blog word is ...

  8. elizabeth, I am working on a 2nd Master's degree in Theology (M.A.). I am in the program because it is part of the requisites for my position as an academic librarian that I must obtain a 2nd Master's degree, and the school I work at offers one in Theology.

    I will shoot you an email from my personal email account as soon as I can--I don't have an email address dedicated to my blog. But, I'd like to be in contact that way as well as through our blogs!

  9. I totally missed this comment Donna; do email me if you wish, I would be most happy to be in touch with you! :) (sorry I am bad at remembering to check back blog comments until I look at the blog again when there is an update! Forgive me!)

    How lovely that you are working on a second Masters... I think in an ideal world I would want to do an MA that was a bit interdisciplinary between Theology and English lit...