Friday, November 1, 2019

Running for ACRL Instruction Section Member-at-Large in 2020

This year, I am running for the position of Member-at-Large on the ACRL Instruction Section (IS) Executive Committee. The position has lots of responsibilities I feel confident in my ability to fulfill, and I am completely honored I was asked to run. I am currently the Chair of the IS Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox Committee, and my experience serving in IS has been nothing but positive. I am very excited at the prospect of continuing to serve in IS!

I thought I'd share here the Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations if Elected I needed to write for my ballot, along with my "I'm an academic librarian excited to serve the profession" mug (lol). If you are a member of IS, I hope you'll consider voting for me in spring when the election will take place.

Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations if Elected:

As the Information Literacy Coordinator at my institution, my job is to create and maintain the conditions within which my librarian colleagues who teach can succeed at developing students’ information literacy abilities in ways that are inclusive and accessible to all. At the level of the profession, I believe it is equally our job to create and maintain these conditions so librarians who teach have access to the structural, theoretical, and practical tools necessary to develop their pedagogy, their programs, and their identities as teachers of information literacy. It is the job of our professional organization to directly support the creation and maintenance of these conditions. If elected, I will support the work of the Instruction Section at the Executive level to ensure that we are supporting, in tangible and accessible ways, the work of librarians who teach to create and maintain the conditions needed to effectively teach information literacy.

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