Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happening Now (With an Excursus on Nicknames)

The Bookie's* baptism is this Saturday. She'll be wearing her daddy's baptismal gown. This makes me oh so happy. 

*So, nicknames have a funny way of asserting themselves, no matter one's original intent. While our daughter was fondly called Rosebud in utero, it turns out a new name has emerged for her on this side of the womb. She is The Bookie Schnookie (not to be confused with "Snooki"), alternately called The Bookie Schnooks, Bookus Schnookus, Bookster, Bookie, and simply Book. The origin is not related to the kind of "book" you read, but is rather born from the beautifully silly sing-songy nonsense that comes out of parents' mouths when they are blessed with a teeny tiny creature to take care of. Though being a librarian, I'm perfectly happy if that connection comes to mind. 

So, from here on out she will likely be referred to as Bookie (or one of the variations noted) on the blog. You've been warned. :)


  1. Our first was 'Nedward' in utero and our second was 'Mouse'. The oldest's exclamation at seeing the youngest's first ultrasound was, "It's a mouse!", and it stuck.

  2. wonderful nickname!!! can't wait to hear about her baptism!! another joyous occasion!

    1. Hehe thanks Elizabeth! God willing we'll have some pictures of the baptism Saturday...I'm working on lining up a friend to snap a few choice shots. :)